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We serve customers across almost savory every category: from sauces and bouillons, to ready meals, soups and noodles, to table sauces and condiments. We understand what drives innovation in the fresh & frozen food aisles. And we’re on a mission to help you meet the changing needs of consumers.

Increasingly, people are searching out foods with less salt, fat and sugar – but without wanting to sacrifice the taste and overall eating experience.

Our basic taste building block provides the right taste complexity and our natural process flavors can add all kinds of flavor notes. We can also intensify salty, meaty and umami taste with our natural yeast extracts; while our taste modulation solutions help you create preferred taste profiles in products that contain high-intensity sweeteners or lower fat.

The result? You no longer need to choose between taste, texture and health. Your can enjoy it all.

Our Savory experts are always ready to help you

Savory applications

Our products help create the desired taste in a wide range of savory applications from soups and bouillons to meat products, meat analogues and ready meals. 


Looking for deep flavor in sauces and bouillons? We’ll help you achieve an authentic taste, while reducing both salt – and the overall costs of your recipe.

Ready Meals

From frozen pizza to instant noodles, to pasta and chilled lasagna, to meal kits and soups, our process flavors and yeast extracts put you in control of guiding taste in chilled and frozen foods.

Table sauces & condiments

Building authentic taste tailored to local preferences isn’t easy. We’ll help you do it in everything from burger and BBQ sauces to mayonnaise and salad dressings to snack seasonings.

Snack Seasonings

We give snacks flavor. In fact, from crisps and chips to savory crackers and cured meats, we help food manufacturers drive taste in new directions (while at the same time reducing salt). For example, in oriental-style snacks - where very small quantities of our yeast extracts and process flavors will enable a tastier, more versatile product.

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