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Joining DSM

Joining our team begins with you applying for an available vacancy or creating your profile with us at The following is intended to help you prepare and submit your application:


Before filling-in an application, consider the following:

  1. What drives me, what am I passionate about?
  2. What am I good at?
  3. How can I contribute to DSM?
  4. How can I contribute to the world?
  5. What do I need in order to be successful?

Once you’ve read the job description thoroughly, take a look around this website (and check our social media platforms) to learn more about us.

1. Looking for the one

You can find all current DSM vacancies at

To apply for a position simply register with the site (it takes just a few minutes) and send us your CV and a covering letter.

If you don’t see any suitable vacancies yet, create a profile and set notifications. This way we will be able to find you once a suitable job appears.

2. What’s next?

Once your application is received, we'll compare your experience and qualifications against the job description - and then contact you either to arrange an interview or to inform you that you have (on this occasion at least) been unsuccessful.

Feel free to reach out to our Recruiting team on LinkedIn, we are always glad to support you through the journey.

3. First impressions

If selected for an interview you’ll be invited to an initial session via phone or video. We then usually invite our top five candidates for face-to-face and/or virtual interviews with the relevant manager and future colleagues to delve further into your experience, expectations and cultural fit. Be ready to discuss specific examples of how you think you could contribute to our business and wider purpose of creating brighter lives for all (we highly recommend you research our company and prepare a few questions).

Try to be specific, and when you give examples try to follow the STAR model (Situation, Task, Action, Result) to help show us your way of thinking and drive.

4. The formalities

In some cases you may be asked to take an assessment as a part of our interview process to get a more in-depth understanding of your preferences and how to create the most productive environment suited to your individual needs. We may also conduct standard background and reference checks.

5. Almost there

Our recruitment team will contact you post-interview to give you the good news, or explain why we chose not to proceed further in this instance. In some cases the process can take longer, but we always follow-up on interviews with our candidates.

6. New beginning

If you’re successful we ask you to sign an employment contract and then begin the onboarding process with the hiring manager to ensure that you’re ready to hit the ground running from day one. Congratulations and welcome, we have been waiting for you! 

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