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Check out these FAQs to help ensure a successful application. If you still need some advice please email our team.

1. Can I send in my CV to a recruiter?

At DSM we don't accept open solicitations. If you want your CV to be considered by our recruiters, please apply for our current vacancies. Or create a profile and set up an automatic alert to receive information about future vacancies.

2. Do you accept CVs from agencies?

No, we don’t accept unsolicited requests from agencies.

3. What to do if I am having trouble applying for a particular position online?

Please email us and someone will get back to you with support as soon as possible. However, if you are using a different language interface, switch to English to complete your application before contacting us.

4. How long does my resume stay in your database?

DSM is compliant with GDPR. Although you send in your CV to us, you remain the owner of your data and can delete it at any time. By default, we keep the data in our system for 12 months (unless you ask either for it to be deleted or for that period to be extended).

5. Are the positions advertised online up-to-date?

Yes, all the vacancies mentioned on our vacancies page are current and available.

6. How do I apply?

Click on the APPLY button that can be found above each job description and follow the instructions.

7. What if I have applied for a job in the past and was rejected, can I apply for a new job?

Yes, you can apply for a new vacancy even if you have been rejected previously because each job has a unique set of requirements.

8. Can I apply for several jobs/locations at the same time?

Yes, you can apply for several jobs or jobs at different locations. We recommend focusing on the jobs that match your profile.

9. Do I get an email back once my application is received by the system?

Yes, all applicants receive an automatic notification. You’ll also receive an email as your application moves further through the process. Furthermore, you can track where you are in that process via your profile in our system.

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