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We’re a global science leader – but we need far more than bright scientists to help us create and deliver solutions across our key markets.

Whether you're looking for a new challenge or on the first step of the ladder, we can offer you a rewarding career - no matter what your discipline. The one constant is our strategy of being purpose-led, performance-driven.

DSM exists to create brighter lives for all – and we achieve it through a high-performance culture focused heavily on an intimate relationship with our many customers – both internal and external. Because without them…we have no business.

Demand & Supply Chain Management

Is logistics your thing? In the years ahead we’ll be conducting 50% of our business outside of Western Europe. We’ll need talented people to orchestrate our global manufacturing operations. But perhaps even more importantly, we’ll need fresh ideas on how to make our processes better, greener, faster and, yes, more cost-effective.

Whether it’s getting more from our factories, managing our working capital, developing new business models or making our supply chain more agile, we need good people - from the graduate level through to senior executives. Can you deliver?

Engineering & Manufacturing

If you really want to build a better future, there are few better ways to achieve it than through engineering and manufacturing at DSM. Your challenge? Creating innovative and profitable products is no longer enough for us. Every day our engineers and manufacturing professionals are striving to marry innovation and sustainability and reduce our impact on the planet. It could be using novel biobased ingredients; creating low-carbon processes; or devising less wasteful manufacturing techniques. Maybe it’s something we haven’t thought of – but you have. If so, maybe it’s time for you to join the team. 

Finance & Control

If you want to run your own show…DSM is the only game in town. We give our Finance and Control professionals unprecedented autonomy and control in helping our company deliver on its business strategy. You’ll need to be good with numbers, but you won’t necessarily need to do business by the numbers. We want lateral thinkers with the ability to inspire and manage their colleagues; who know their way around procurement, sales and marketing; and who can build a persuasive business case.

With DSM’s continuing global expansion, you could find yourself tackling this all over the world, supported by a dedicated leadership team that specializes in this disciple. It all adds up to a great opportunity for the right candidate. 

People and Organization

Even the best-laid plans will never become reality without the right people. It’s this concept that sits at the heart of our purpose-led, performance-driven strategy – and it’s why our Human Resources team is a critical partner for the business at every level and across every discipline, worldwide.

If you’ve got what it takes to advise and inspire a great group of colleagues to continue developing and performing, then DSM could be the place for you. Perhaps the greatest skill you’ll need is outstanding communication; because in a diverse organization like ours, the ability to share and learn from each other is becoming increasingly important to our success. So, are you thinking what we’re thinking?

Information & Communication Technology

There’s a digital revolution going on. But then again, we didn’t need to tell you that. In fact, we need people like you to tell us how to organize our business and tap into the enormous technology opportunities stretching before us in the 21st century.

Our Global Information Services team provides smart information and communication services to the entire DSM family and we’re constantly on the look-out for people and ideas – whether you’re in China, Singapore, India or the United States. It goes without saying that you’ll get all the latest training – but how are you going to apply it to the day-to-day business and ensure we deliver on our strategy and purpose of creating brighter lives for all? We’d love to know.

Marketing & Sales

World-class science and engineering isn’t much use unless the world-at-large knows about it, and wants to buy it (or indeed buy into it). At DSM we’ve been through a major evolution in recent years from analogue, product-based marketing and sales to a more dynamic and modern solutions-focused approach based firmly on the needs of our customers, markets; and of course the people of this world - 2.5 billion of whom use our products in some way. So, if you have an equally dynamic and forward-thinking personality - and you’re interested in using new techniques and technologies to help us make our mark on the world – maybe we’ve sold you on working for DSM.

Production & Maintenance

When it comes to manufacturing, the show must go on – and it’s our production & maintenance teams that work hands-on, every day to ensure that our global operations run smoothly and that we get products into the hands of our customers.

Safety is paramount. At DSM we’re a family and families look after each other. Qualifications and experience are (of course) also important. But what we really want is a can-do attitude. So, if you’re the type of person who strives to find new improvements, develop new processes, spot problems, keep improving - and take the initiative – you’ll fit in very well at DSM. 


We’re a big company – and we need some big personalities to help mastermind our global purchasing and sourcing operations. You’ll be involved in everything from supplier segmentation and risk assessments to developing innovative new purchasing methodologies and tools, to supporting supplier innovation – all within a complex ecosystem of international and external relationships stretching across the world. If that’s the type of role you feel you could buy into, then DSM could be for you. 

Research & Development

Are you a ‘connector’? Are you capable of joining the dots between different scientific disciplines – and ultimately to the commercial side of our business – and beyond?

At DSM, bright science starts with bright scientists who don’t work in a vacuum. It really is that simple. Our seven scientific competency areas work in unison to create a wealth of solutions like re-generative medicine, hybrid and electric cars, biofuels, bio-foods, and biopharmaceuticals. Increasingly, we collaborate with all kinds of academic and commercial bodies outside of DSM – all with a single purpose of creating brighter lives for all. If you join our R&D team you won’t just make your own life brighter, you could really influence the future of millions of people and the planet we share with them.


Our entire business is built on sustainability. This belief in sustainability as our core value, key responsibility and important business driver is reflected in the recognition we receive in Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) ratings and benchmarks. It’s at the heart of improving own operations; enabling greener solutions for our customers and society; and our advocacy work with many of the world’s leading organizations in this field.

And it comes right from the top. As our former CEO and now Honorary Chairman memorably said: “We cannot be successful, nor call ourselves successful, in a world that fails”. That’s why we need sustainability professionals and experts (perhaps like you) who agree with him – and can help us to ensure that we don’t fail…

Quality & safety

At DSM we’re purpose-led, performance-driven – and that means living up to the very highest standards. It’s pretty simple. If you want to ingrain the highest quality across a modern, global organization working in complex, changing and fragmenting markets…you need high-quality people to do it. If that sounds like your kind of role, you could be our kind of person.

Meanwhile, the quality of our health & safety is without doubt the most important task in our entire organization. Protecting and nurturing a global family of 23,000 people is a 24-7 task that requires us to scrutinize our operations in the most forensic detail. It also means coming up with new ways to not only make our workplaces safer, but to engage our people and ensure they put it into practice. So, if you’re searching for a satisfying SHE role, DSM is a safe bet. 

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