Mycotoxin Detection Services


We offer a range of analytical services to customers to assess the mycotoxin contamination of feed materials.

  • Spectrum Top® 50
  • Spectrum 380®
  • Mycotoxin Prediction

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Spectrum Top® 50

Spectrum Top® 50 is a mycotoxin detection service that provides you with a complete view of the mycotoxin contamination in your feed, including regulated, emerging and masked mycotoxins.The Spectrum Top® 50 method detects and quantifies more than 50 different mycotoxins and metabolites belonging to the following groups:

  • Aflatoxins
  • Ergot Alkaloids
  • Alternaria Toxins
  • Fumonisins
  • Aspergillus Toxins
  • Fusarium Metabolites
  • A-Trichothecenes
  • Ochratoxins
  • B-Trichothecenes
  • Penicillium Toxins
  • Enniatins and Beauvericin
  • Zearalenone Metabolites

It uses an innovative LC-MS/MS method developed by scientists at Romer Labs, a leading global supplier of diagnostic solutions for food and feed safety.

Spectrum 380®

Spectrum 380® represents the most powerful mycotoxin analysis commercially available, testing feed material samples for more than 700 mycotoxins and fungal metabolites in one go, including:

  • Over 700 mycotoxins and secondary metabolites, including masked mycotoxins
  • Approximately 300 pesticides
  • 150 veterinarian drugs
  • Several phytoestrogens

The LC-MS/MS based mycotoxin detection method was developed together with the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Tulln, Austria.

Mycotoxin Prediction

Our Mycotoxin Prediction Service uses an algorithm-based forecast to help crop producers, buyers and users make sound decisions in terms of purchasing, quality control and crop management.

All our Mycotoxin Solutions

  • Mycotoxin Prediction

    The Mycotoxin Prediction Service delivers assessments of expected mycotoxin levels in the upcoming harvest of corn (maize) and wheat around the world.

  • Mycofix® Plus 5.Z

    Absolute protection against the broadest range of mycotoxins. With ZENzyme® Faster and Better

  • FUMzyme® Silage

    FUMzyme® Silage is a unique additive sprayed onto corn (maize) at harvest that targets and detoxifies harmful fumonisins, so that the resulting silage is safe and fumonisin-free for livestock nutrition.

  • Mycofix®

    The Mycofix® portfolio of feed additives represents the most state-of-the-art solution for protecting animal health by deactivating mycotoxins that contaminate farm animal feed. Its safety and efficacy are proven by 7 EU authorizations for substances that deactivate mycotoxins.

  • FUMzyme® sol

    FUMzyme®, the only enzyme that effectively detoxifies fumonisins safely and irreversibly, is available for post-pellet and liquid application in animal feed. From the creators of Mycofix®. Naturally Ahead.

  • BIOMIN Mycotoxin Survey

    The BIOMIN Mycotoxin Survey constitutes the longest running and most comprehensive data set on mycotoxin occurrence. The survey results provide insights on the incidence of the six major mycotoxins in the agricultural commodities used for livestock feed in order to identify the potential risk posed to livestock animal production.

  • Mycotoxin Contamination

    Our portfolio of tools helps to understand the potential risks of mycotoxins for animal species and location.

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